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At SoftHouseGroup we believe work should be significant while contributing to your happiness. Our team is made up of skilled people who are genuinely enthusiastic about serving your needs.
Access to a broad portfolio of technologies, expertise and cutting edge methodologies allows us to provide our clients with ongoing innovative options that help them dominate their niches, optimize time-to-market and to be highly cost effective.



We have our own personal development system, including a corporate library, lectures, seminars, and conferences.


Our company cares about both the physical and emotional health of its specialists by providing paid vacation and sick leave.


We are a highly professional team in which you can grow and develop; all important technical decisions are made together, and your opinion will always be heard.




Working at SoftHouseGroup

What is the work environment like?

Whether working virtually or onsite, our multi-functional spaces support innovation, creativity, learning, development and teamwork. Our diverse workplace culture is a place where everyone is inspired to innovate in a truly human way.

What type of salary can I expect to make?

SoftHouseGroup offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Salary ranges are specific to positions and can be discussed during the recruitment process with recruiters and managers.

What is a typical workday like?

SoftHouseGroup has a standard 8-hour working day.
We provide all the conditions for comfortable work.
Working days: Monday - Friday.
Our employees decide when to come to the office, as we do not have a rigid schedule.
All state holidays are days off.

Is it possible to work remotely?

Yes, we provide the opportunity for our employees to work remotely.

What does your social package include?

For our employees we offer:
- Medical insurance (after 6 months of work in the company)
- 21 calendar days of paid vacation
- 7 days of paid sick leave
- Additional days off will be discussed with your manager
- English lessons 2 times a week (suspended during quarantine)
- Compensation for sports activities
- Training courses at the expense of the company or on a 50/50 basis
- There is no strict working day schedule
- Time for lunch at the request of the employee
- Cookies and tea in the kitchen

Does the company provide office equipment?

Yes, all our employees receive a work laptop, monitors and everything they require to work productivly. Each employee has his own workplace.

Is it possible to take working equipment for work remotely?

Yes, you can use work computers to work remotely.

Do you have OpenSpace or classic office?

We follow more of the classic office arrangement.

What is your management hierarchy in the company?

We have a “horizontal” management hierarchy, where each employee is part of the team and everyone works towards the same goal. We welcome new ideas from our employees which may help to improve the product, work process, and company.

Resumes and interviews

How can I make sure my resume gets seen by recruiters?

Your resume goes straight into the hands of our recruiters right after you apply for a position.

I just applied for a job at your company. When will the HR manager contact me?

If your skills and experiences are suitable for the position you applied for, we will contact you within a week.
If you have not been contacted, it means that for some reason, you are not suitable for this particular position.
Do not be discouraged, as all candidates get into the company's database, and you can be contacted later.

I’ve applied previously but no longer see the job posting. Is there a way to access it?

The job posting is visible through the "Career" section. If there is no job for which you applied, it means that the position is closed.

If I am declined during the application process, can I reapply?

Yes. Situations change, people, gain new skills, and role requirements vary, so we welcome people to reapply.

Will I get feedback if I am not chosen for a position?

The results are provided only to those who passed the interview or completed the test task.

Who can provide feedback to me about a position I interviewed for and did not get?

The HR manager is the best person to talk to about feedback. As employees, we're encouraged to get regular and real-time feedback so it's great you want to learn from the experience.